What Is Soccer Betting? What Types Of Soccer Bets Are There? 

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Currently, soccer bookmakers often offer many different types of betting odds. Therefore, if you want to participate in betting, you must understand the meaning of these types of bets to be able to win. To help you better understand what soccer odds are and what types of soccer betting odds are popular, Jiliasia would like to share the detailed information below.

I. What is soccer betting? 

I. What is soccer betting? 

What is soccer betting? This is a question that many people wonder about, especially new players who do not have much knowledge or experience with online betting. You can simply understand that soccer betting is a term used to describe the numbers that bookmakers give in the odds table with the purpose of helping players grasp information and know which team is weak, which team is weak. Which one is strong, the payout ratio for each door to make a more accurate choice. 

It can be said that soccer betting is one of the extremely important factors in online betting, it determines the win or loss of players when participating. Each different bookmaker will offer different soccer betting odds, so players need to learn, analyze, grasp information, and read soccer betting accurately to make their own judgments and opinions. me. 

In a basic soccer odds table, the limits of 3 main types of bets will be displayed: Handicap odds, Over/Under odds and 1×2 odds of the first half and the whole match. In particular, handicap and over/under represent Asian odds, while 1×2 odds represent European playing style.

In addition, the soccer odds board also displays the handicapped team (corresponding to the stronger team) and next to it is the payout rate when betting on the away team or the home team.

The second box represents the over/under bet and next to it is the winning rate, but the above rate represents the over bet, the bottom represents the under bet.

1×2 odds only display 3 corresponding payout odds: if you choose the home team to win, choose the top ratio, if you choose the away team to win, the ratio is in the middle, and if you predict that 2 teams will draw, choose the last box.

II. Types of bets in soccer betting

II. Types of bets in soccer betting

On the market today there are many different types of soccer odds such as European odds, Asian odds, Macau odds, Malaysian odds and Over/Under odds, card odds, penalty odds, odd even odds… Among these bets are Asian handicaps, over/under handicaps and European handicaps are the most popular and are chosen by the most people. To better understand these types of bets, you can refer to the detailed information summarized below:

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1. Asian Handicap

Asian handicap is a type of bet that is very familiar to long-time, professional bettors. The name Asian handicap originates from Asia. Players participating in this bet will bet on the upper or lower bet. There is no draw because this bet determines the winner or loser.  In case the forces of two teams are equal, the top team will be the home team. 

Asian soccer betting is a type of handicap betting, in which the relative strength between the two teams is not balanced. The stronger team will accept the weaker team in terms of goals to balance their strength. Handicap bets only count 90 minutes of official play and extra time, but do not count extra time. During the match, bookmakers often add different bets for players to choose from. 

2. European odds

European odds, also known as 1×2 odds, are the odds that bookmakers use to determine which team is stronger or weaker and is very popular. However, to play this type of bet, players need to have skills and a thorough understanding of 1×2 bets to accurately predict the match results. 

3. Over/under odds

Over/Under soccer betting in English are called Over/Under, symbol O/U. This is the total number of goals scored by both teams after the match ended. Players placing Over/Under bets do not need to care about which team wins and which team loses, they only need to care about the total number of goals scored in a match.

A player choosing Over means betting that the number of goals in the match is greater than the number predicted by the house. If you bet Under, you bet on a number of goals that is lower than the house’s odds. If the match ends with the score equal to the bookmaker’s score, the player will receive a refund.

4. Bet on penalty cards

Card bets are also known as penalty card bets, including bets related to the total number of yellow and red cards drawn in the match. There are the following types of penalty cards:

– Total yellow cards: Will the number of yellow cards of the two attacking teams be larger or smaller?

– Yellow card handicap: How many yellow cards does the home team handicap the away team?

– Red card odds: Which team will get a red card? How many red cards in this match?

– Card touching odds: Will team A touch 3 yellow cards in this match?

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5. Penalty odds

5. Penalty odds

This type of bet is often applied in cup matches or rounds that need to determine the winner or loser to continue without using points for comparison. This bet only appears after 90 minutes or after 120 minutes without both teams winning or losing:

– Over/Under Penalty: Do both teams need to shoot the entire 5th kick to find the winner?

– The total number of successful or failed Penalty shots is odd or even.

6. Odd even odds

This bet simply adds the total number of goals of the two teams to see if it is an even or odd number. It’s very simple and if you have time to read soccer reviews, you will easily win this bet by looking at their soccer history.

7. Goal betting

It is the bet with the most diverse variations, and is the bet the house has the most benefit when players participate because it has too many bets, making choosing the right one more difficult.

– Is there a goal in the first half or second half? How many tables?

– Which team will score the first goal?

– Who will have the final goal?

– Which team scores 2 goals first?

And many more variations…

There are also many other types of bets such as offside bets, own goal bets, shot on target bets, foul bets, substitution bets, shaking bets, clean sheet bets, player to score bets,… 

III. summary

Above is information about soccer betting and types of soccer betting odds. In addition to the above types of odds, players can also refer to many other types of betting odds or can refer to other interesting information at Jiliasia. Thank you for reading!

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