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In online betting programs, Handicap bets are the type of bet that attracts the highest number of participants. It can be said that this type of bet is relatively easy to understand and play. To know what the Handicap bet is? as well as how to play Handicap in betting. Let’s follow with bookmaker qqjili.link.

What is Handicap betting?

Handicap bets originate from European bookmakers. They are calculated and determined based on goals in reputable online sports betting. In Asia, this is considered a handicap bet.

It is often used by online bookmakers because of its popularity and diversity of betting methods. The winning rate is also higher than other bets.

Types of Handicap bets

Dong manh bet, also known as dong ball bet, is determined when two teams are equal, making it difficult to win or lose.

Half ball odds:

This is a handicap, it is similar to the Asian handicap. The bookmaker will analyze that in a football match there will be 1 strong team and 1 weak team. The strong team will be called the upper team, the upper team will accept the lower team as a draw and lose half the money.

Draw odds:

This is a type of bet in which if the team with a higher win rate (also known as the over) draws, the team with the lower win rate (also called the under) will win the bet, and the over team will lose the bet.

Bet on half a ball:

This is a type of bet where the upper hand wins 1 ball and the upper hand only wins half of the bet amount. If the upper team wants to win all the bet, they must win by 2 goals and the upper team will have to accept the lower team by 0.75 goals.

Draw odds:

This is when the person betting on the underdog team will win the bet if the match ends in a draw. And vice versa, if you bet on the over, that team must win by 1 goal or more. If the result is exactly 1 goal, the player will only receive half the money.

Tips for playing Handicap betting

Research and carefully study the winning ability of the teams

I understand the information and the teams’ abilities, tactics, and lineup. It will help you make accurate and appropriate judgments to minimize betting losses.

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When a match of the team you bet on. There will be a lot of information surrounding that team. Like the tactics in the game, the style of play, the condition of the players. Even the most minor problems will lead to whether you will win or lose. That’s why, before matches, you have to research the teams carefully. And choosing the correct team will help you win bets.

Choose the correct type of bet

In a match, there are many types of betting and different kinds of bets with different odds. Therefore, you must consider exactly which bet you will bet to win.

To reduce your risk, bet on big matches. Because here, you will better understand information, playing power, and transparency in the game. Because often in big matches, risks caused by outside influences, especially matchmaking, will be avoided.


There is an important note you need to keep in mind when a football match takes place. Observe the playing process of the two teams. If you see that the game is happening in a strange way, such as suddenly happening quickly or the top team’s performance suddenly declining.

Making the match turn from having a high win rate to a high win rate. There is a possibility of losing so you should bet on the underdog team.

It can be said to have a secret and extensive experience in betting, especially Handicap betting. Players not only have to research, observe and accurately calculate every situation. In the betting match, they also have to go through many games with winning and losing bets and a little bit of luck.

Above are all the secrets we share to help you take a deeper look at participating in online betting and especially playing this handicap bet.

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